Fresh and frozen fish from the cold clear waters of Iceland


Icelandic Fish Export Company

FISHEX - Icelandic Fish Export Company was established in 1989 and quickly became one of the most successful pioneers in shipping of fresh fillets and other processed fresh fish by air cargo delivery.

Icelandic Fish Export Co

FISHEX is an independent export firm supplying quality fresh and frozen produce in cooperation with selected production plants having years of experience and high quality standard.

Assortment programme includes cod fillets, haddock fillets, ocean catfish fillets, redfish fillets, plaice fillets, arctic charr fillets, salmon, turbot, lemon sole, saithe, white halibut, monkfish, etc.

Today the demand for fresh quality fillets by air cargo delivery is still steadly increasing and buyers requirement for continuous and dependable supply are precedence to keep satisfied customers.

Fresh fish by air cargo

Therefore, FISHEX main goal is to place emphasis on maintaining a regular business relationship with buyers who's customers require high quality as standard.

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